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This is an AU season 3 Angel game.

It has now been 6 months since Buffy died, they did not attempt to bring her back as Willow and Tara weren't together and Giles stayed in sunnydale long enough to convince Willow not to, instead Willow, Xander, and Dawn all moved to Los Angeles at the urging of Angel. Angel convinced the three that it would be better to get Dawn away from the hellmouth that claimed her sister and that they could all be of some help in Los Angeles where everything seemed to be happeneing. Plus he had met this woman who looked identical to Gwen Raiden, but wasn't Gwen, but infact the next slayer.

Somehow when Buffy died and since Faith had been in a coma near death for almost a year a new slayer was called. This new slayer's name is Angelina Christienson. The kicker is that she is Gwen's twin sister. They were seperated at birth because their parents couldn't deal with a "freak" for a child. This of course was news to Angelina and news she wasn't ready for. She had her hands full raising her 16 year old sister who is all she had left from her family (or at the time so she thought).

Angelina's story was simple..or so it seemed. Good looking, strong, loving girl finds out she is a slayer, has fallen in love with her watcher and the night he proposes to her he is killed by a demon that she didn't have the skill to fight. What she didn't know at the time was that the demon was sent after her by an ex who just wouldn't let go. This ex in turn sent said demon after her family as well. Caitlen Christienson, the only survivor other than Angelina when it was all said and done, came home to the massacre and called 911 (not that the police could do anything, but she didn't really understand that.) The demons got away leaving a terrified young girl, they didn't know was even there, locked in a closet fearing for her own survival.

Angelina didn't know who sent the demon at the time, that is not until she was informed that if she didn't return to the ex and do as he said she would watch her only known living family die and painfully. She did what she had to do, not the best choice, but in her eyes the only one at the time and returned to him. It was intended to be a temporary situation that turned into a permenant one that led to their move to LA still under his control. One would ask, why would a slayer of all things do this? Simply because of who his lawyers were and the things they could do. She did however manage to get not only her sister away from the man who was abusing them both, but got herself away.

The fight that emerged after the two left led to his death, a death that was a long time coming. Though this death was not at the hands of any one on Angel's staff or even Angelina, no, it was at the hands of Lilah Morgan. Lilah being his handler at the firm had enough once he had taken his frustrations out on her, leaving her terribly injured and temporarily disfigured. She was angered by this and before Angel and his team could take care of him Lilah did.

With him dead and Angelina and Caitlen now free to move on with their lives they move into the hyperion. In the whirlwind that has happened it is a wonder that she had time to move on and fall in love, but she did, as did most everyone else. Angelina and Lorne hit it off and he has vowed to protect not only her, but her sister as well, Willow is with Angel, after a rocky break up between Angel and Kate and a unlikely one night stand between Gwen and Willow. Xander and Dawn have grown closer and her once crush has become a true relationship, though odd they honestly do fit well together. Wesley and Cordelia have also grown close, with her he is like a different man, more commanding and able to break out of that nerdy book man shell. Last, but not least, Fred and Gunn are together. He has also vowed to protect her since her arrival back from Pylea. She hasn't gone out much and the one time she did (With Caitlen) something happened and Caitlen was kidnapped, the two now spend a lot of time in when Fred isn't with Gunn.

All of this would be great and wonderful and bridging on happily ever after had it not been for a recent surprise, pregnant visitor. Darla has arrived, just intime to shake things up and bring one relationship in particular to a crashing halt. 9 months pregnant and not too thrilled with "daddy" aka Angel. What happens next is anyone's guess, but do believe that it will be exciting.

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