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[Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 @ 11:13pm]

"Hey Willowkins, no one seems to be answering the phone right now, but I got a little favor to ask of you. Maybe a big favor, I'm not really sure how things work for you. Anyway, give me a call, you know where I am." I set down the reciever sighing. I'm sure she'll pick up the message, and if it isn't her the cat still won't be out of the bag.

I checked my watch for the dozenth time. I don't care what anyone says, platinum looks good on anything, especially green...

Oh right, I was looking at the time. My little Angie should be here any minute now to bring in Cait for her first day of work. I hope she's ok with bussing tables. Ha! A demon with morals. Actually I'd prefer to keep her out of here all together, but I'd do anything for that doll Angie.

Oooh, I can see my reflection in this thing. I must say, I'm looking damn good today.

((open for Angie and Cait))
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[Friday, July 7th, 2006 @ 12:07am]

We finally got all the food and headed back to the club, but we didn't get to eat right away...well Cait did but Lorne and I didn't. I was too focused on getting the things that Cait needed. I couldn't convince the girl to go to the mall after what David did to her so internet shopping was the way to go, plus you could shop for everything in one place. The added bonus was that I didn't have to pay for 90 percent of the items that were purchased. I don't know why, but letting Lorne spoil my sister and I was easy, easier than any other thing that has come up in my life.

Once I was finally done with all the shopping I laid against Lorne and started to eat. How is it that a demon, something that I have been chosen to fight and kill, can make me feel so wonderful? Something that I was taught early in my slaying career is that nothing is black and white, nothing is as simple as it seems. You may think its cut and dry, that demons are all bad and humans are all good, but that isn't it. You have to look deeper, for instance with Lorne, He may look like a scary demon from afar, but when you get near him he is a compassionate kind caring man who could calm anyone with a simple tune.

Thats actually what made me fall for him. The night that David took Cait, the night that we got her back he sat with me as I watched her that night. He was the only one who could understand truly of how scared I was, well next to Willow and Xander who were there when Dawn was kidnapped, though that situation was a bit different as a god kidapped her and the man who kidapped my sister was just a skuzy bastard.

The basic point is that Lorne is the best thing to happen to me, no matter what he is, to me he is an amazing man who has been the first since Robert to show me what true love is...and that helps right now with all that is going on.

((open for Lorne and Cait))
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[Wednesday, May 24th, 2006 @ 8:58pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

This wasn't going well at all. Darla's pregnant, Willow's pissed, and I'm still trying to figure out how this baby can be mine and also trying to save my relationship with Willow. I felt like I was in an after school special about abstinence and what happens when you aren't. I hate this. Vampires can't have babies, it's impossible. Someone else must have knocked her up, that's the only explanation here, and Willow doesn't want to hear it.

She won't even talk to me, while Darla's all about baby killing. And of course, everyone around me knows about it, thanks to Darla's grand entrance. She looks really far long too. She'll probably give birth in the hotel with my bad luck. Why am I still thinking about this? I want to talk, but no words will come out, not that either of them will listen. I can't take this, I can't deal with this. I'd be scared about leaving them alone with each other except one's the most powerful witch of the Western Hempisphere, and the other can take care of herself.

"I need to think. I'll be back later, no killing each other, okay? Somehow we'll figure this out. Somehow." I said, heading for the door. I didn't expect a response from either of them.

(Open to Darla and Willow)

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[Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 @ 7:47pm]

I could see Angel wings and Cherry tree had this little issue of Rosemary's baby under control, perhaps it was time to get Angie and Cait the heck out of here. I certainly know I've seen enough excitement for one day, no doubt the pair of them had as well. It wasn't every day a pregnant vampire comes in and take your little sister hostage. I mean, sheeesh, could Darla have picked a worse time to show up with her little bundle of hellish joy?

"Angie, sweetheart, what-do-ya say we get Cait and get outta here for a while huh? I don't think Angel cakes needs us for this part."

Ok, so there was hesitation. That was to be expected I suppose. Angie was a slayer after all and Darla most certainly was a vampire. Lucky for us. But, hopefully the idea of getting her sister out of harms way, and the promise of somewhere a little less...crowded, would appeal to her more 'common sense' side.

"Trust me. Angel will be fine. He's dealt with Darla before....." I thought about what I had just said and almost laughed in spite of myself. "Obviously."

I glanced back and forth between the two, nervous my suggestion may fall on deaf ears. SUch a wonderful night ruined by the likes of Darla. Never a dull moment in the house of madness I say. Boy could I use a drink, I thought as I slowly began to back out of the room.

((Open to Angie & Cait))
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[Sunday, April 9th, 2006 @ 9:41pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I was about to throw things if we didn't accomplish something soon. I was actually happy for a moment then Darla returns and she is pregnant with Angel's kid and HELLO How the hell is she pregnant. I just don't get it, how could Angel not tell me about what he did with Darla? He tells me he loves me, that he wants to be with me, I do a nifty spell so he can be with me and this is what I find out after? I don't like this at all...and better believe when we can we are having a talk. Right now though I have to spend time trying to figure out how the man I love got his sire pregnant. Maybe I should call Wesley back in, and Xander and Dawn need to be here too...I think it is safer to have everyone here right now.

Once the call is over and they are on their way, I walk in the office. I shut the door rather loudly and start researching. I just need to get away from Angel and Darla right now, but leave it to Angel and Darla, they follow me. Yes, lets follow the pissed off witch...smart move for two vampires. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." I say honestly as I look up at them. They both look at me as if I was losing my mind, Angel looking at me concerned..."Stop that Angel, let me just do what I do best and we can do the argument thing later."

[[open to Angel and Darla]]

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[Friday, January 20th, 2006 @ 7:32pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Ok so I thought that she was good, I thought that she was safe to be around then she had her hands on me and she was close to my neck and ready to drink from me. That will teach me to trust my abilities. I don't get why it only works on certain people, why the heck does it not work on the people that matter like say EVIL PEOPLE?!? Doesn't matter anyway, she wants Angel and well Willow is with Angel so I have to get them both.

I knew that they hadn't left the room much lately, before it was sulking about their respective girlfriends that dumped them, now its...well its a whole new reason. That is one reason I didn't want to go get them, why I thought stalling was for the better, but honestly we really don't have another choice do we? If I don't do what Darla wants she and my sister may come to blows and I don't think the hotel or anyone else can survive that. Instead of bursting in like I would in any other case I knocked gently on the door which brought Angel quickly to answer.

"U..Umm, I hate to bother...well whatever you were doing, but we have a problem downstairs in the form of your ex." I could tell that he wasn't thrilled about this, that he looked worried, like his ex had come back from the dead. "Umm let me be more specific, she is blond, but, she wasn't ever a slayer." I said a little more specifically and that didn't seem to help anymore, he seemed even more panicked. "Oh yeah, and did I mention she is pregnant?" The moment I said this Willow came rushing to the door spouting something about Darla being dead and that she can't get pregnant and I just forced a laugh "You might tell her that, cause...umm she looks pregnant to me and if you don't get down there soon you may not have a hotel left...she and my sister...well lets just say there is an impending world war 3."

[[open to Angel and Willow first then the rest of the gang.]]

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In Search of the Deadbeat Daddy [Friday, November 18th, 2005 @ 7:12pm]

In the past five months, I have seen more of this world than in all my travels with Angelus. From the moment I knew there was something fiendish growing inside of me, something I couldn't get rid of myself, I set out to find someone who could help me with my little problem. The Western world is much less advanced that the East, having spent so much time on "modern medicine" as a cure all, so I began my quest in Africa. I met with one witch doctor after another, all failing in their attempts to kill this thing inside of me. And as it grew, my hunger grew until an army of Middle Eastern soldiers couldn't satisfy my blood lust.

Near desperation, I returned to the States and began searching again for any means to rid myself of this curse. I went from one occult expert to the next, but in the end, all I had was a bulging belly and a trail of bodies in my wake. I tried stabbing, shooting, fire, crosses, poison, but nothing worked. All I could do to get by, to survive one more day without losing my mind was to feed...constantly.

I walked into the lobby of the Hyperion looking for him. Angel. He did this to me. This is all his fault. I want to kill him. But first, he needs to fix what he did. It's time he took some responsibility for his actions. The door swung closed behind me and I stood there with my huge stomach after nine months of suffering, waiting for someone who could tell me where I could find him. So I could end this once and for all.
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[Saturday, November 12th, 2005 @ 1:59pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I couldn't figure it out, why is it the one time I try to take Fred and Caitlen out for a nice time and show them that there is nothing to fear that has to be the one time they have something to fear. Part of me wishes that I could kill him again for what he has done to these two girls. I know I am not a killer, well a killer of anything that is human, but for these two I would do anything.

I know that Caitlen has her own issues, ones that I wouldn't even begin to know how to help with, but Fred, I can help her with hers...I think. I just had to get her out of her room...again.

I can't sit around and think about it all day I have to make this better. I need to show Fred atleast that I can protect her, maybe that will help show Caitlen that she is safe as well. Now how will I do this? There are lots of ways, I could hit the nearest taco stand and bring her as many tacos as possible, the girl has to eat sometime, or I could just go up there and try my luck with my winning charm...Tacos it is.

The nearest taco stand was about 10 minutes away so I get into my truck and drove right over there. I will stop and get us some drinks as well, hope I remember what she likes. It won't take me long, I just hope this works.

[[open for Fred]]

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Time Well Spent [Friday, November 4th, 2005 @ 8:36pm]

"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?"

I couldn't keep my little lips from singing along with the sweet sounds of Lady Marmalade being sung by a man who 'appeared' to be human, but to those of us who knew better, knew he was a Brachen demon. A handsome one at that, with a bright future from the sounds of it. I was sure in moments he would be at the bar asking me what I 'read'. I would give him the answer he sought and send him on his merry way like all the rest. Well, not all of them merry, but on their way non-the-less.

"Getcha getcha ya ya da da. Getcha getcha ya ya here. There you go sugar."

I placed a bloody mary , complete with the blood, in front of what would have been a lovely young woman except for the bumpiness that came with a nice set of fangs. She smiled, stuck a straw in her glass and disappeared into the crowd. I wiped the glass ring off the counter and scanned the faces of my patrons. It was one face in particular I was looking for and when I found it my heart lept up into my throat. Which is a pretty far leap considering.

"Creole Lady Marmalade."

I tossed the damp rag into a bucket behind the counter and danced my way over to the beauty in the corner. Every night for the past couple of weeks my little sugar plum had tagged along and enoyed the nightly funness that is Caritas. With David gone and her pretty little head free of all that worry, I actually believed she was beginning to enjoy herself.

"Well, well peaches. Whats a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this? Care for a drink sugar?"

((Open to Angie..))
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[Thursday, October 27th, 2005 @ 7:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

I was shocked at how happy he really was and the fact that my spell worked. Why didn't I have more confidence in myself? I knew the spell would work if I did it right, that it would keep him from turning, I just doubted that I did it right.

"It did work didn't it" I said finally as I leaned in and kissed him deeply. "I could get used to this, thank you." I whispered then laid my head back against him. "Think we can go back to the hotel now?" I didn't really want to just lay here naked all night, though it would be cool, I just knew that I had sand in new places and was in dire need of a shower.

This was all new to me, Angel was my best friend's love for so many years, if she was still alive she would still care for him, yet now I am the one in his arms, the one that can make love to him and the only difference is I found a way for it not to end in bloody death. I know I should feel guilty, for this, for falling for him, but at the same time I know I shouldn't. I guess I would just have to work through this and even maybe talk to Angel about it, but not now. I wasn't about to ruin the time we just had together.

"Angel" I whispered finally as I pulled myself out of my thoughts. "w--when we go back to the hotel...w--would it be ok if..if I stayed with you tonight?" I couldn't believe I just asked that, it was a random question of sorts, with all I had just been thinking about, but I couldn't help it.

[[open for Angel]]

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[Monday, October 3rd, 2005 @ 2:18pm]

"But it's so much fun to make you beg."

Smutty goodness under this cutCollapse )
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Decisions [Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 @ 9:33pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

The walk was what I needed. I thought about everything and that Gwen really didn't want me and I shouldn't be upset, I am, but I shouldn't be. I thought about my options and what all I had going for me and alot about Angel. I have always had kind of a crush on him, even when he was with Buffy, I mean who wouldn't have a thing for him he is good looking. I guess I just had to follow my heart, even if that was the one that led me to pain before.

Deciding that I can't hide from these feelings anymore, but I had work to do if I was going to let Angel into my heart. I needed to find a way to anchor Angel's soul, something that didn't require the loss of life, something that could allow both of us to be happy. I knew I couldn't find this now, that there wasn't something that obvious in the books, so I would first have to find a way to cheat the curse. I just hoped that the consequences weren't too bad.

I walked back to the hotel, the empty hotel where I had made my hew home. Angel was probably brooding and cursing himself and Gunn is probably swooning over Fred, Xand and Dawn probably at yet another movie, and Cait is probably doing homework or sleeping and Angie with Lorne..everything seems back to normal. I know better than to think that it will stay this way, but for now its nice. I make my way to Angel's room, I don't even knock, I just walk in. He doesn't seem to be in there so I sit down on his bed and wait.

[[open to Angel]]

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[Saturday, September 10th, 2005 @ 4:21pm]

I can't fucking believe this. After spending how many days at the hotel I come away with nothing. I know I saw things there. I was always wondering around, listening to Angel and his cohorts talk about things, things I could use. The information I was going to gain from being there was going to help my cause.

But now it's all gone.

How could I forget everything I learned there? It's not like I'm old and frail. I have a sharp mind, you have to in order to work for Wolfram and Hart. Maybe I'm just stressed out. It's not like life has been easy as of late. That's it. It's just the stress. I'll wake up tomorrow and I'll remember everything and then I'll have the upper hand on Angel. Hopefully.

Part of me wishes I was still at the hotel. There was people there and noise. I miss the noise. It's too quiet here. The silence is almost consuming. Not even the expensive vodka I'm currently drinking is making it better. I need noise. Maybe I should turn on the radio. Yes, I'll do that when I go to bed.

I finish my drink and go to my bedroom. The linens on my bed are fresh, and clean, and they feel nice against my skin. It's comforting. Reaching over, I turn my bedside radio on. It's classical music and it feels my room with a familiar melody. Mozart I believe. And it finally lulls me into a deep sleep. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll remember by then.
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[Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 @ 8:03pm]

[ mood | content ]

I couldn't do this anymore. I know I should be thankful that Angel doesn't go all evil when we make love, but I was always dreaming of a man who would love me completely and would be happy with me. I know this may be the heartless bitch in me, but that is just what I always wanted.

I know that Angel is hurt, and I don't blame him for being angry, and I know that things haven't been easy with all that has gone on, but I have to do what I have to do. I just hope that one day he is able to be happy in his...unlife.

I was offered a job in New York, one that I am shocked was even an option, why not take it. Nothing here ever seemed to work, I couldn't stay here and see Angel daily, and daddy was gone, so really this was the only way to go. The job is a high ranking detectives job, one that involves working with a select squad that doesn't handle every day cases. I don't know what all it involves, but if it is less supernatural then it is better.

Unable to talk to Angel about this, I did the most heartless thing I could, not that it was intentional, but it was what I had to do. I left him a letter, one that explained how I felt, that I loved him so much, but this wasn't going to work, that he didn't seem happy with me, and since that is the case I just needed to move on. I explained about the job, that it is a once in a life time oppertunity and that I would be helping people who needed me.

I left the note on his desk, they were out on a case, the hotel was empty as usual, so it was easy to get in and out without anyone stopping me. I also left the keys and a small box with the things he had given me. I didn't feel right keeping these things, however there is one thing I didn't give back, one thing that I couldn't give back, I needed to have one piece of us...call me disgustingly sentimental. I kept a silver necklace he gave me, it had a celtic knot on it, something that was special to him, and a emerald in the center. I would always keep this close, it would be the one thing to remember him by, maybe one day we can meet again, but for now, its best if I go.

[Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 @ 12:07pm]

I've been hiding in my room, not saying much to people, preferring the dark over being around warm blooded humans that pretend they care about people when they really don't. Humans like Kate, who take jobs in other cities and to hell with any relationship they have going. I should be used to this by now, I mean look at my track record. I guess with Kate I finally thought I had found someone for me.

But of course not. And now I'm moody, and yes, even broody. I snapped at Fred today and didn't even mean to do it. I got a nasty look from Gunn as he took her upstairs. I went to my room, shutting the door, but not all the way as I now see but am too lazy and broody to get up and close it. The lights are off, and I am sitting in a chair and thinking about my broken proverbial heart since I don't have a real one. The kicker?

She left me a Dear Angel letter. I never even got to talk to her. She just left me the stupid letter, that I found on my desk after a case we all had to go out on. I came into the hotel, excited and wanting to tell Kate all about the case. Then I see the note. Then I read it and crumble it, and hold back tears as I go to my room while the others were ordering food and celebrating. I didn't want them to see me cry.

At least I'm not the only one suffering here. Willow and Gwen broke up too, and Willow's been torn up about it. I know how she feels, trust me. Stupid Kate, why I did fall in love with you? Why did I give my heart to you just to have you go all the way to New York with it? And is that someone passing by? I might want to get up and close the door, don't want any interruptions...

[Open to Willow]
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[Monday, August 22nd, 2005 @ 6:16am]

[ mood | calm ]

David is dead, Angelina and Caitlen are safe and hey we didn't have to do the killing, I think its been a full week and I say we party. Ok so not so much party as everyone else has gone off on their own ways. Willow is busy moping in her room, something about Gwen and feeling used or something. I hate to say it, but when she gets like this I steer clear, usually magic is used and we end up running for our lives, or blind..well Giles would anyway.

I had things to do anyway, Dawn was getting ready for highschool and being as we were all in charge of her now I was helping her get what she needed. What I see as wong though is that I am starting to see Dawn in a whole new light. Now don't get me wrong, I am only 6 years older than her, it just seems wrong that I care so much for her. She is so much different than anyone else I have dated, and you know she isn't a demon so it would be new territory for me, but I don't want to do anything that would pressure her into something she isn't ready for.

This being one of many days we spend doing whatever she wants I was on my way to see if she is ready. I could hear her hair dryer going so I knew she wasn't anywhere near ready knowing I most likely have another hour I head to the kitchen, something to eat sounds good, of course food always sounds good. When Dawn is ready she can just come find me in the kitchen, making me a man sized...what meal is this now? Not really breakfast and not lunch, so it will just have to be a large snack before lunch, like it will ruin my appetite.

[[open to Dawn]]

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[Thursday, August 18th, 2005 @ 3:28am]

I couldn't believe him, he thinks he can dominate me? Well he has another thing coming. I mean yeah, I like it, I like this side of him, but I won't let him be the only one in control. Once we finished checking the paper to see if David's death made any of the local news. When we saw that it didn't make any news and that though Lilah was the one to kill him we were in the clear Wesley stood up and declared we were going home. Well let me tell you something, he thinks that he can say it and I will jump without stating what I want he has another thing coming.

"I think I am staying here. Angel hasn't looked at the books in weeks and I have some filing to do."

Ok so that was a complete lie, but I wanted to see what he was going to do and Hello, I am Cordelia Chase, no one tells me what to do, I tell others what to do, thats how it has always been, like I am going to change now. Lets just see how he reacts to me making my own stand.
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[Sunday, July 10th, 2005 @ 10:44pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I had the most amazing day with Gwen. There is something about her, the way she touches me the way she kisses me, all I want is to spend all my moments with her. I know that is impossible, as for example she had to rush off tonight, I don't know why, but she did. Something in me tells me that she isn't coming back here, that what happened today was a fluke, but I don't know. She does have two sisters that she needs to get to know, but if it doesn't work out, I guess it doesn't work out. For right now though I needed to get inside and take a shower, sex in the sand, not as glamours as the romance novels and badly made romance films make it seem.

When I walked in I noticed Cordy and Wesley working on something in his office and looking quite cuddly. Not wanting to distract them I decided that I would rush up the stairs and get this shower out of the way. I also wanted to get some reading in before Xander and Dawn came back, or we had to go fight David the evil scumbag.

The shower was just what I needed, not only did it get all the sand from places that sand shouldn't be, but it also relaxed me even further. I was just happy to get a moment to myself to think about what is to come if what happened today was a fluke. I didn't have many emotions invested with Gwen, yes we did have amazing sex and she can kiss, but if it isn't in her heart, I don't want her to stay just to make me happy, maybe she just needed some...warm comfort, who knows.

I got dressed as I pondered this, and made my way downstairs. Comfort food was in order, and I am sure that Xander has all kinds of of that in the kitchen so that is where I am headed. I hoped to have a quiet moment alone in there, but the moment I walked through the door and noticed the evil lawyer I instantly knew that wasn't in the cards for me.

"What are you doing in here?"

I asked softly as I walked in and started to rummage through the fridge.

[[open to Lilah]]

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[Friday, July 8th, 2005 @ 1:07am]

[ mood | horny ]

I have to say, I am shocked by the new side of Wesley, but I do like it. He has finally gained a pair, the only problem with him gaining a pair is he started with me. Well fine, he can think he is boss, but it won't last long, I am Cordelia Chase, I take crap from no one.

"You know Wesley, it is nice that you gained a pair and all, but if you don't want to lose them, I suggest you be nice to me"

I gave him a look that said don't mess with me mister and pushed him back freeing my wrists from his hands. What I didn't count on is he pushed back pushing me against the wall again. He knew I would never hurt him, he knew I couldn't even think of hurting him, the only time I would is if he was truly hurting me, so fine, let the man think he is in control, there will come a day that I will show him that he isn't, but for now he can do whatever he wants.

"Or are you going to spank me?"

I whispered. I knew he thought he was off the hook, but he wasn't, and to be honest he did have a point, Lilah was an asset, she had knowledge, and if I was less bitchy to her she would share, maybe, but I just can't bring myself to be less bitchy...

"You want to take this elsewhere? or are we looking at files?"

[[open for Wesley]]

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Because my day just wasn't fun enough before... [Saturday, June 18th, 2005 @ 1:04pm]

I finally decided to come out of my room, the one Angel had so chivalrously allowed me to stay in after only oh, several hours of grovelling and various other good guy mumbo jumbo. Really, I was hoping not to be seen, just a quick b-line to the kitchen, or wherever they keep ice packs around this place. Can I mention again how much I hate this? I should've just stayed on a park bench or some other hotel. One where I might get killed by my own client, but where I wouldn't have too put up with self righteous dead guys.

I tiptoed down the stairs, trying to keep from uttering multiple profanities, as I was pretty much feeling every inch of my now severely battered body squirm in pain. I probably should have put actual clothes on, but that would've involved more hurt. So the slip I'd been laying down in would have to do. So, I make half way down the stairs and what do I see? What else? Two of the good n' plenty sidekick gang fornicating, or finishing up at least, in the lobby. Not bad for amateurs.

A small smile crept over my face. Sure it hurt quite a bit, but really I mean, how could I not?

I don't think they heard me. Okay, I knew they didn't hear me. I cleared my throat.

"Thought I heard an awful lot of noise coming from down here, and over there, and just about everywhere. God, is this all you people do? I mean sure us evil types do enjoy our sex...but we also, I don't know, do actual work."

Pausing for a moment, I allowed for myself, and the two parties I was addressing to fully take in the scene.

"Aren't you people supposed to be helping the helpless? Isn't there a big evil client of mine you should be working on teaching a valuable lesson? I left my files with Angel. Most of them anyway."

I glanced at the British guy. Angel's right hand man. Although according to our latest files he's supposed to be the boss around here. Guess he had more pressing business.

"You're research boy right? Well, papers should be in the office. But then again what do I know? Maybe Cordelia is concealing them in her person. However you people do things around here."

Letting out a sigh I gave my shoulders a small shrug. Something I'll probably regret later. Oh well.

"Anyone know where I could find an ice pack or twenty? A glass of water maybe? Don't worry, I'll just get what I came for and scurry on back to my room. Hate to interrupt anything."

A half smile was still on my face, and for a moment the look on their faces was almost subsiding whatever state of suffering I may have been in. At most I'd have thought I'd learn of some great plan to bring down evil while I was here. But whatever. This what good. The kind of thing you'd like to have on tape so you could show all your friends and have a good laugh. Of course, I don't actually have any friends, so this will do.

(Open to Cordelia and Wesley)
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[Monday, May 30th, 2005 @ 9:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Dinner and talking with Fred and Caitlen was alright. I watch the two together, watchin them draw on the walls and though everyone else thinks its insane for Fred to be writin on the walls like that, I don't. I see it as adorable. It is a part of Fred, like all the other parts that just make her incredible. I wish I knew how to help her be more confident in being in this dimension again.

I know she can handle it, I know that once she sees that things aren't like they were in pylea that she would be ok, but that requires her to actually leave the hotel. I did make progress today by offering to take the two to a movie, but I am not sure that Fred will want to do that, so I have come up with a better plan all together.

I have decided that both girls will go with me to pick out several movies and more junk food than the normal human body can handle and bring it all back here for a movie night. I wonder though if the two will go for that. I can get that Cait didn't want to go out, her fears were revolving around someone in this dimension, but Fred..she doesn't have the threat that Cait does, the people who scare her arent even in this dimension and for that matter most are dead in that dimension anyway.

For now I just need to get these two out of this room and away from the sharpie markers and these four walls. I think some fresh air will do both the girls some good...and who would complain about chillin with two great girls, one that I would love to get to know better.

[[open to Fred and Cait]]

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[Monday, May 16th, 2005 @ 4:29am]

I reluctantly admit that it is probably time to go back to work. Indulging sexual fantasies with Cordelia is a more pleasurable way to spend ones time, however, the mission still must come first, helping the helpless. We arrive hand in hand. I can't wait to tell everyone our good news, that we are moving in together, that we are in love. I hold open the door for my beautiful lady and stride in behind her. "Good morning!" I call out.

((open to anybody in the lobby of the Hyperion))
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New Beginnings [Wednesday, May 11th, 2005 @ 9:15pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I loved spending time with Xander; he made everything seem more normal, just like old times. Just like that, with smiles and ice cream he made the pain more bearable. He and Willow were the only ones left in my life. Every one else had left me. Yeah, I know I had to deal, but sometimes I just couldn't. But they were both there for me, I knew. They were my family now, they were everything.

Losing mom had been so hard, so hard on everyone, and I remember thinking that things could never get better. And then I found out I was some ancient key that opened some gateway to hell and really that made that summer a real bummer.

But the worse part in all of it had been actually opening that gateway; it had all been my fault because it was MY blood that finally did it. And like always… she was the one that had to save the day, only this time… this time she didn’t come out on top like she always did. And it was all because of me.

Her words still echoed in my head, mostly at night, when everyone thought I was sleeping and what I was really doing was crying. Well, Xander and Willow knew, they gave me the time and space that I needed, peaking their heads from time to time in my room, but I guess enough was enough, right?

Still sitting in my room, I didn't want to venture out just yet. It was too soon, but I knew I had to come out and mingle sometime. I mean, I couldn't hide forever now could I? I mean, maybe I could, but I knew Xander would never let me get away with it... not for long anyway.

But yeah, I guess for now food was definitely a plus, especially when it came to comfort food. As I sat there, finishing up the last of my ice cream, I began to remember all the other times he and I had shared ice cream. All the times that B... she... used to call him to baby-sit because she had some big evil to vanquish or simply just because she couldn't deal with a bratty sister.

But Xander had always been there, and okay, so I didn't mind him as a baby sitter because... hello, he was cute and sweet, and knew all kinds of stuff and just made everything seem better.

"Xander? Thank you for, you know, the ice cream.... and for, you know being here with me."

[[Open to Xander]]

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[Friday, May 6th, 2005 @ 5:06pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I watched as Lorne did his thing all night. I was shocked at how well he fit in here, he just flowed through the evening and didn't have a single problem. It actually felt good to see him happy and let myself be happy. While he was busy though I snuck out to go do something, praying he didn't notice. I wanted to take some time to get something for him, to thank him for all he has done.

I had no clue what to get him so I went with the best thing I could think of. I found a nice shop that had vintage things, for the man who drinks all the freaking time, what could be better than a drink mixing set. Not just any drink mixing set, but one that is flashy and full of everything he could ever want. I didn't know if I should be doing this so soon, but I wanted him to know how much he meant to me, how thankful that I was for him to love me..something that only one other person has done, and it was something that I was going to have to get used to.

I managed to sneak back into the club and hide the package behind the bar while he was still schmoozing people, well demons, but its all the same in here. I was just thrilled when the night was over, he turned off the fluorescent lights of the sign and locked the door coming back to my side..it felt amazing to have his arms around me. What I didn't count on was him noticing I was gone. When he asked I smiled my best innocent smile and explained.

"S--sorry. I had to get something..wanna see?"

He nodded so I ducked behind the bar and handed him the perfectly wrapped box as I smiled.

"This is for you"

[[open for Lorne]]

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[Friday, May 6th, 2005 @ 12:14pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I knew Gwen didn't get why I didn't want to go back to the hotel yet. I didn't know how to tell her that it was hard to see everyone and not think of Buffy and how much we all missed her. I would eventually have to tell Gwen everything, tell her how Buffy died and how part of me thought that it was my fault.

I am supposed to be this all powerful witch and I couldn't stop Glory from trying to bleed Dawn. The part that gets me the most is that I can't even find a way to help Dawn, to help her find peace with what happened. Part of me wanted to see if Gwen would help me bring Buffy back, bring her out of whatever hell she might be in, but the rational part, the whole reason I havent tried already is...what if Buffy isn't in hell, what if she is with her mom in some form of heaven?

I just can't handle risking that, if I pulled her from the only peace she has ever known...it wouldn't make anyone feel better. I had to push these feelings out of my head, had to stop dwelling on the things I can't fix. For right now I need to focus on the present, on having a nice woman who I have genuine feelings for around. Maybe I do have some good things in my life.

[[open to Gwen]]

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[Monday, April 25th, 2005 @ 2:31pm]

[ mood | loved ]

The ride to Caritas was simply marvelous, couldn't have been better by any means. We sat quietly for some time, holding hands and just enjoying the shear presence of one another. Not even one of my much loved seebreeze's could top this moment. Angie was like no woman I had ever met. Ok, so she was like other woman I met, only much more, and if she was anything like that fireball of a twin of hers I knew there would never be a dull moment.

"Do you sing sweet cheeks?"

I paused for a minute trying to remember if somewhere along the line I had already asked her that. With all the painting mixed nicely with the fun and laughs I couldn't honestly remember.

I felt my face get warm and I knew I was blushing. You wouldn't think a man of my shade of green could blush so much but I could and it happened a lot when I was around Angie.

"Sorry peaches, I can't remember if I asked you that already or not. I got an idea.."

I said as I gave her hand a small squeeze.

"Maybe you can sing something pretty at the opening for me, whaddya say?"

((Open for Angie :) ))

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Falling... [Tuesday, April 19th, 2005 @ 2:08am]

Ok I Cordelia Chase am falling in love with Wesley Wyndham Pryce...who would have ever thought that possible before, well, now. The way this man touches me, and the fact that he truly cares, that means something to me, a lot to me. I wanted to spend the rest of my days with him and hello...how strange is that?

You would think that I would want to rest instead of going more rounds with him, but the fact that he just told me that he wants the same thing I do and that he can't live without me, and the fact that he wants to move in with me..yeah I think that calls ofr some celebration, this celebration for him would include something I have never done before. Lets just see if I am any good, I mean I do enough talking with my mouth, some say more than I should do, I should be able to put it to better use now.

Lets see if I can.Collapse )

[[Open for Wesley...]]
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Back To The Hotel [Friday, April 15th, 2005 @ 2:25am]

[ mood | happy ]

A while back I was worried Caritas wouldn't be ready in time but with Angie's help made me believe it would open as scheduled. It's funny really. One moment you think something won't happen and in the next it does. Looking back at all Caritas been through. Kinda ironic due to the fact I aimed for it to be a more peaceful place rather than it getting trashed every now and then. Nothing ever happens like you plan for them to. Something always goes wrong and then you have to fix it up. After being lost in thought for god knows how long I realize we are back at the hotel. I graciously open the door for Angie closing it behind me. I look around and then back at her.

"So...we're back in the hotel that never sleeps. Well ya it does sleep. Oh sorry bad joke."

I quickly blush as I could not find the words to say. This is never happened to me. I always knew what to say, but now I open my lips and nothing came out. Don't get me wrong I felt comfortable around her, yet I didn't want to say the wrong words. Only the most perfect words. I finally get the courage to say something.

"Maybe you should probably go check on Cait. Don't worry I'll wait for you right here."

I was hoping that would buy me enough time to regain myself and find out something to say.

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Not about to cower... [Wednesday, April 13th, 2005 @ 8:30pm]

When I was younger I was told I wore my bruises well. I think in that particular instance it was meant to be an insult. But I took it as a compliment. I've seen women who take a beating, and cower, scurry around like rats in fear, pretending it never happened. Personally I find it pathetic. Sure if I'm in a fight and a take a fist to the face, I can deal. Put some makeup on, and ignore the mark, act like it's nothing cause really, it is. One more hit someone got in. People take shots at me everyday, Most are verbal. Some aren't. A shiner isn't really life altering in the grand scheme.

But to be beaten down; well, first of all, to beat Lilah Morgan takes nerve. Fact is, not too many people have had the pleasure of late. I don't let them. But when it happens I'm not gonna cower. Not gonna attempt the clown makeup either. I wear my bruises well. It's a fact I hold to. When someone knocks you down you get back up full force.

I knew I couldn't stay in my apartment till this was finished. That jerk wasn't gonna come and harass me some more. Where could I go? Well, law firm kind of could care less. Now I'm not one to buddy up to someone just cause we share a common enemy, but let's not call it buddying, shall we? Let's call it using them to achieve my current primary objective. So who is it exactly I plan on using? The good guys of course, team Angel. After all we want the same thing. I just want it done my way. And I could use a stay in a nice hotel.

Nice hotel. Yes it is. And I am a top notch lawyer, who's in control. And I'm not about to walk in there all quivering and cry uncle. Got my Versace suit. Killer heels. Oh, and a face that's bruised every color of the rainbow. And you know something, still better than most these people.

I walked in and stood by the desk, no one was in the lobby...

I walked around back by the reception area.

"Need to see someone, with a clue. And don't jerk me around this time, thanks. Not in a mood to play games."

Not entirely true. Kill the client, sounded fun. As did a trip to a shooting range. But alas, people sometimes don't feel like helping the homicidal lawyer. Guess I'll play up the role of innocent victim. Wouldn't require much effort. After all that's what I was.

(Open to Xander, Willow, and Gwen, so long as they can play semi-nice.)
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[Monday, April 4th, 2005 @ 9:05am]

[ mood | loved ]

Breakfast came and we both dove into it, each of us I'm sure using the food as an escape from finding something to say. There was a pleasant sort of awkwardness between us that I can't say I really minded all that much.

I stole glances every now and then when I thought she wasn't looking, and a few times I caught her doing the same thing. I couldn't believe the high I was on just from being around her. Never in my life had anyone made me feel the way she did and I doubted anyone ever would.

I started thinking about everyone back at the hotel and how they were going to react to our news. Most of all I was curious to see how Angelina and Cait took it. It was crazy to think that only yesterday I found out I had sisters, one a twin, and then to wake up to a morning like this. I should pinch myself to wake up, I thought.

Red and I chit chatted about the events of the day before, just light conversation to pass the time away. It seemed to me that neither of us were in any big hurry to get back to the hotel so I didn't push the issue.

"Hows your food by the way? I think I shoveled mine in to fast to even taste it." I laughed nervously.

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[Wednesday, March 30th, 2005 @ 10:25pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Everything has finally calmed down here. I still don't get why we are helping her, I mean she is a slayer, why can't she just take care of the guy herself? Angel says I need to be more understanding, I thought I already was but fine. Atleast no one is complaining about my filing skills anymore. Speaking of, I have to make a file on this before I head back to the apartment to another night alone with Phantom Dennis...God I wish he were alive, he would be the perfect man.

Thats not important right now, whats important right now is clients..and the fact that we need some that aren't slayers who need us to save them from their psycho boyfriends. It doesn't matter though, Angel says we protect her and we don't charge her so fine we don't charge her, but last time I checked Wesley was in charge here. Where is Wesley anyway?

It just occured to me that I haven't seen Wesley in a while now...ok that can't be good. Did he go out of town and I didn't know it, or is he being mister avoidy again? I guess he hasn't been the same since we returned from Pylea...I should call him and see what happened...make sure he wasn't eaten by a demon.

[[open to Wesley]]

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[Monday, March 28th, 2005 @ 4:13pm]

Past few days. Just swell. Swell I say. My little 'meeting' with soul boy. That was fun, and today, the very man I stuck myself on the line for, David Shrieves, decided he didn't like the way I was handling his case. Not enough that I was getting him of scott free, and that I prevented his untimely demise. No, he blamed me for those little meddlers even getting near him. I knew I should have just had some snipers off them. I could've saved a whole lot of hurt and hassle. But, no I try to be nice, and what do I get...

Oh, I'll tell you. I get beaten down so badly, there isn't enough concealer in the world to make this shiner go away. I mean really, I'm pretty much head to toe, blood, bruises, and swollen. Like I said, just swell.

Which actually if it wasn't me we're talking about, I'd be pretty impressed. I mean, I can defend myself. I do. On a regular basis. Also I have security, who by the way remind me to have killed and replaced. I'm thinking trained chimpanzees would do a better job. I mean how many times have they let that vampire in here? Of course I'm guessing this time they must've been bought or something, cause nothing. No one came...Like no one even saw. Probably cause they really didn't want to. God Bless America.

Okay, the man beats me to bloody pulp, tries to assault me sexually and thinks he can get away with it? Think again. I don't care if he is my client. Unfortunately he knows where I work, where I live. By the way thanks Gav, for just releasing my personal privileged information to our psychotic clients. He's gonna get his too. But today I have bigger fish to fry. Of course, one has to get past the whole he's my client thing and the can I even see well enough with this eye to shoot straight, probably not thing. But nobody makes a victim out of Lilah Morgan and lives, nobody. Don't care what the firm says. I'm finding a way. Angel wants to kill him, I don't think so. This one is mine.
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[Monday, March 28th, 2005 @ 4:42am]

[ mood | calm ]

So it seems that this evil lawyer lady made an impression on Angel, the only reason I think this is because we aren't going to kill David now. I don't know what we will do, but right now its just sit and wait. It isn't like I enjoy doing that, but I don't think that going and killing a human who has a bunch of evil lawyers on his side is a good plan either.

I finally got the lobby cleaned up after everyone just went upstairs or went home and I crashed. I wanted to make sure Dawn was ok so I made a stop by her room first, but she seemed to already be asleep. I decided a long talk in the morning with her would be good. I needed sleep anyway so I made my way to the room and had me a good sleep.

It was in the morning that I heard all the commotion all over the hotel. Angelina seemed a bit happier as I heard her down the hall, when headed to the lobby Willow passed me by giggling about something or other. I just shook my head and watched her as she headed down the hall. I had a task at hand, to find Dawn...and talk with her..well that and find some food...but thats always my task.

[[open for Dawn]]

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[Sunday, March 27th, 2005 @ 8:47pm]

I can't believe the nerve of that woman, to come into my hotel like that, scaring my people, all for a bastard of a client that I'm surprised hasn't beat the crap out of her yet. Lilah. Her name makes me want to spit I hate her so much. We ended up in a yelling match in my office. I finally got her to leave before I could pick her up and throw her out. She's lucky and the worst part is, she knows how lucky she is. Smug bitch woman, the kind of woman I hate the most.

I was so angry about what happened that I nearly chopped Kate's head off when she arrived later. I immediately apologized, the stress washing out of me now that she was with me. Fortunately, she didn't arrest me for assault of a police officer. Instead, she blanketed my lips with her own, her hand in my hair, and if I had a heart it would have been beating so fast...Kate stayed with me through the night, and I couldn't have been happier...well...not that happy with David still at large...I'm just grateful I have her in my life.

One of my favorite times in the hotel is at night, when everyone's asleep and it's quiet...you never know how much something like silence is valued until you live such a noisy life that you almost forget what silence is. Holding Kate, listening to her heart beat, and all the silence around us, in between beats...it made me happy to not to be a pile of dust. I would get David, I knew that, I just didn't like how hard it was. It's always so damn hard, this fight. It's a wonder I haven't given up yet.

But Kate...she alone makes it all worthwhile...

I wrapped my arms around her, and then kissed her earlobe, nibbling it a bit. "Good morning, my sunshine..." I whispered in her ear.

[Open to Kate]
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[Sunday, March 27th, 2005 @ 8:34pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

It's so frigtening outside of my room. I never should have left yesterday. Of course, I wouldn't have met poor Cait, well, I guess eventually I would have since she probably would have eventually wanted to knock on the door of the crazy lady to see if I would answer. No, I can't imagine her being mean like that. Lilah, I can imagine her being mean like that. What a bitch. I was so happy to see Angel finally get there and make her go away. I hope she never comes back.

We were drawing pretty pictures on my bedroom wall together. She likes to draw. I got some smiles out of her and we talked a little, but I'm not big on conversation...I just usually start rambling and then it's hard for me to stop and by the time I do, people stare at me like they're trying to figure out what I said...I couldn't talk much in Pylea, at least before I got the neck brace off. That was hard, not talking...of course, when you're scared and can hardly leave your room, there's not too many people to talk to...

But there's so many people in the hotel now, I have to watch myself. Sometimes I think out loud, and it sounds like I'm having a conversation with myself. I wonder if any of them have heard it...I bet they have and they laugh and feel sorry for me. But some are so nice, like Willow and Cait...even Lorne and Angel. I don't know about the others - Angelina seemed to think it odd that Cait and I were drawing on the walls...I bet she thinks I'm some sort of weirdo. But if she did, she wouldn't let Cait stay with me, right?

I looked over at Cait, the girl so intent on her work, and I smiled. "Drawing calms me...sometimes...sometimes I think too much and I have to get it out...I think too much a lot..." I wasn't sure where the conversation was supposed to go from there, but there was something I wanted to say. "You know...it can help in hard times. It helped me a lot when I was in Pylea...that's a place you don't ever want to go..." I paused again. I didn't know if I was helping or hurting. I hoped I was helping. "I just know you're going to be okay. You're strong, like your sister. Way stronger than me. I can't even leave my room..."

I laughed a little, and felt depressed a little. Cait must think I'm so pathetic...but at least she's nice to me, that's what counts...

[Open to Cait]

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[Saturday, March 26th, 2005 @ 3:33am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

It had been a long night with no results and I was exhausted so I headed to bed. I told Gwen that I would call her when I knew something more about David, but I didn't think there would be any news in the next couple days that much was for sure. Lilah had made enough threats that we knew that this isn't the time to go off all willy nilly looking to kill.

Since it seemed that everyone but Angel went to sleep why shouldn't I. I checked in on Cait who was sound asleep with Angie and Fred who was happily writing on her walls. So where did that leave me? All I had left to do was go to bed. I for once didn't have a large amount of research to do and I didn't have a tone of files to help Cordy with. I was actually ok with that too.

I didn't realize how tired I was till I got to my room and laid down in bed. I was sound asleep in seconds. I don't even think my head hit the pillow before I was out. Thats just frightening. It did help that I got that rest though, because I woke up to a pile of work to work on. I also needed to call Gwen and let her know what was going on, if anything was...or just to talk to her. Either way I was going to call. That would be the first thing I did.

[[open to Gwennie]]

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[Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005 @ 3:04pm]

[ mood | calm ]

After Lorne left I laid there thinking about what I was going to do. Eventually Cait made her way back to the room and we talked for a while. She needed some comfort and we had to talk about what she wasn't telling me and what I had just found out this evening.

I didn't realize how much he had really hurt her, not until we talked and she eventually cried herself to sleep in my arms. She was my little sister and yet again I failed to protect her. I really was a mess, and a lousy slayer. After watching Cait sleep, peacfully, for the first time since we moved here I eventually fell asleep. it really was a miracle that happened in the first place with all I had on my mind.

The sleep was not a peacful one for me, lots of things ran through my mind as I tossed and turned all night. Mostly was..would I be betraying Robert if I moved on, if I allowed Lorne to get close to me. I didn't think so, but part of me was still holding on to him. When David came back into my life, the memory of Robert was the only thing that I had that was good in my life. Now that David is finally going to be out of my life and I have great people who actually care and not to mention a twin sister to get to know..I need to let Robert's memory be let him finally rest in peace himself. It isn't like I would be forgetting him, I would just be holding on to his memory without making it everything I am.

The night faded into day and I slowly woke up noticing that Cait was no longer even in the room. I started to panic, but then I remembered I was in a large hotel full of people protecting the two of us. I got myself cleaned up and headed out to find her, remembering her odd closeness to Fred so that was where I would start. I knocked on Fred's door and she answered. It was then that I saw Cait drawing on the wall. "uhh Cait" I said softly and Fred assured me it was alright. I smiled and nodded. "If she gets to be too much send her downstairs, thats where I will be. " I then addressed Cait "Behave sis" she nodded as she continued to draw. I really needed to get both of them drawing pads or something...Fred is going to run out of wall soon.

Now to find Lorne...I wonder if he ran away so we wouldn't have to talk. I guess I will find out....

{open to my Lornikins}

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Rest? [Thursday, March 17th, 2005 @ 12:34am]

[ mood | blank ]

Angel said a change of plans, which had something to do with my sister calling him. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew that it couldn't be good. When we finally got back to the hotel I saw why we had to turn back. The evil bitch of the west was there.

We walked in and I plopped onto the couch next to Lorne laying my head on his shoulder. I don't know why, but I felt comfortable around him, which was odd, but I couldn't complain about it. He put his arm around me as Angel and Bitch woman went in Angel's office to fight.

Dawn and Xander seemed worn out and Cait was busy eaves dropping on Angel and Lilah so Lorne led me upstairs insisting I get some rest for now. I didn't want to be alone, I didn't want to be away from Lorne. He was the embodiment of everything I was trained to fight, yes he was a harmless demon, but a demon no less.

When we got to the top of the stairs I looked at him helplessly. "Please" I whispered "Don't leave me alone." my eyes met his and he nodded as he led me to a room. It was only when we entered that I knew it was his. I didn't know he lived here, I thought he had a place over his club, but I didn't dare ask any questions. "Is this ok with you? I mean if you don't want me here, I can find another room."

[[open to Lorne]]

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All in a days work... [Sunday, March 13th, 2005 @ 11:03am]

Somehow it always leads back to Angel, doesn't it? Undead thorn in my side. He has to go messing in business that it isn't his. We had a team following him; seems he has a group of thugs chasing after my client, David Shrieves. One of whom has a restraining order against her; which oh, so clearly states she shouldn't be doing that. Really, we should enforce higher literacy standards in schools. Would prevent problems such as these.

Now I have to take time, out of my busy day to make sure I'm wrong. Well, of course I'm wrong. Even Angel wouldn't be that stupid, now would he?

So, here I am 20 paces away from the lobby of the sorry excuse for a hotel, the Hyperion. Hmm... wonder if he's supposed to be running a detective agency out of here. I'll have to get someone on that. Let's see, cell, check. Lots of lovely legal papers,in my secure briefcase, check. One suit jacket slung over shoulder, check. One egyptian cotton blouse cinched below the chest and, undone just enough to remain professional, check. (Hey, you never know what will work to your advantage.) Flawlessly applied makeup, check. Mid length, thigh slit charcoal grey skirt, that in the right light looks black, check. Legs, still got those, and oh yes, the Manolo Blahniks which match the skirt and jacket perfectly. What? A girl has to make a good impression. First thing you learn with a job like mine. Really wouldn't be so intimidating if I went in there with some sort of attention K-Mart shoppers get up.

I took my hands and flung open the doors. I stood in the entrance for a moment, arms folded across my waist, taking it all in. Pitiful. Now, as much as I'd like to just scare the weak ones, I'd really like a formidable adversary today. Someone who can spell would be nice. Of course, I shouldn't press my luck.

I walked over to the reception desk, seeming to completely ignore any and all of my surroundings in the lobby. I rang their little bell three times. Shame the top ones were all out playing kill the client. The whole,ring, ring,ring, thing probably would have gotten their goat. I stood, leaning one hand on the reception desk, tapping my nails impatiently as I waited. There were not enough sighs in the world to show these people how very unamused I was.

(Open to those people inhabiting the hotel)
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ending it... [Sunday, February 27th, 2005 @ 5:33am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I was thankful that Gwen seemed to be standing up for me. Had it been me and I had to defend her, I don't know that I would have been so noble, I think I would have failed her, like I have failed my other sister. I just wanted to be the right person to take care of her and to be a good sister to Gwen that she never had. I didn't know if that was what she wanted, but I did and if she was for it, then I would jump at that chance.

When we finally left the hotel on the mission to kick David's ass, I couldn't have been more thrilled, I was determined. He had crossed the line by taking my sister, by using her to please him and I would make him pay, I didn't care what he did, I didn't care if he called his evil lawyers. I would kill them too!

I waited on the team to lead the way, I had to show him where the roach lived, where he hid when he knew that he was going to get his ass kicked. He didn't think I knew about this place, but I did. I made sure I knew all about him, well that was after he started abusing me. I wanted to know what I could use against him...I needed something..but all I had was this place. I didn't know what he did in there, but I knew he hid like a roach who fears the lights being turned on.

"We aren't far...just remember, he will use anything he can against you..he has done it so many times with me.."

I don't know why I needed to say the last part, I just felt that I did.

[[open for David, Angel, Gunn, Willow, Cordy, and Gwen]]

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The protector. [Sunday, February 27th, 2005 @ 5:22am]

[ mood | determined ]

I had agreed to stay, I can't believe I agreed to stay here with the group. I felt bad for Angelina, she deserved so much better than this. Once they all left I turned to the group and in true Xander style led with my stomach. "Anyone want anything to eat? I can order something...or I make a mean bag of popcorn..."

I knew that we couldn't order something, but there was food in the fridge and in the cabinets of the kitchen. I could whip something up in no time. I just hoped that I wasn't upsetting anyone by asking.

"I mean, we don't have to, I am just trying to help"

I said as I looked to the three to see what they wanted...either way I was here to make sure they are safe. I will prove to dead boy that I can hold my own. He will see that I am not the weakling that he wants me to be. I mean, I led the battle against the mayor in sunnydale, and I have fought demons with him and this team and yet I am seen as the weakling, well that is no more. I will not let them see me as nothing any more and it starts with me protecting these three...or atleast trying.

[[open to Fred, Cait, and Lorne]]

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[Monday, February 21st, 2005 @ 5:43pm]

After a long day of working the streets I walked into the lobby of Hotel Hyperion. Kind of sounds classy when you say it that way.

"Okay,David Shrieves, got a whole bunch a dirt on this scum. And I mean dirt. Wasn't easy. I mean talk about your hard to reach places. But luckily I know some people, who know some people..."

I looked around.

"What you people looking at? I know people, and also who are all you people, and what are you all doing here? We running some sort of freak show?"

I saw Gwen.

"No offense or anything."

Turning my attention back to the files, I continued.

"So, I did the diggin, got the dirt, now it's your turn to dig through..."

Come on, someone take control, Angel, or maybe Willow...Wes, probably not Fred. Fred...

"And I brought tacos."

I held up the large bag that was in my other hand.

"Anybody hungry?"

(Open to everyone)
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[Friday, February 18th, 2005 @ 12:07am]

[ mood | blank ]

I slipped out of the room and headed down to the lobby. Something occured to me when I walked in to the lobby...I never told them that they looked alike...oops. I felt bad for all of this and the no warning. I looked to the floor and walked over to Faith's side..don't ask me why, but I wanted to be near her.

"Sorry, I..should have warned you two about each other....its been crazy here"

I continued to look to the floor. "We need to figure out how to take care of the guy..." I said softly finally looking to the two. "Do you have any ideas Angelina?" I was curious to see what she thought.

[[open to all in the lobby]]

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[Thursday, February 17th, 2005 @ 10:50pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

"I'm sure she will be fine. Angel cakes works wonders. It should have seen the wonders he worked Faith. I wasn't there personally but the rumors I heard..she was pretty messed up till Angel helped her."

A bit after meeting Angel wings I saw the worse of him. But I also saw the best in him he did some amazing things in this city. I stand by Caitlen's side hoping she will recover soon. He was so adorable and so young. I can't believe why anyone would harm anyone as precious as her. I graze her cheek singing a nice little tune.

"Lay down little child...let your worries wash away...close your eyes and dream little child...dream of one day you'll fly away."

After singing I notice Willow snuck off somewhere. I gently kiss Caitlens forehead. I sit back watching over her. She looked so peaceful and calm that I just waited for her to wake in complete silence.

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[Thursday, February 10th, 2005 @ 1:04pm]

I was standin' at the top of the stairs about to check in with the boss man, when a Gwen who looked exactly like Angelina, only sluttier clothes, came through the front doors. I was about to say somethin' to her when Angelina herself came out of Angels office and asked who she was.

I watched as the Gwen turned the question back on Angelina and I smiled. As much as I would love to stand around and watch this bitch fest I could think of better things to do, I was sure I would hear all about it later anyway, gossip was big around here, especially with Cordy bein' around. Where was that chick anyway, I haven't had my daily dose of irritate Cordy yet and I was achin' for a fix, plsu I would have the heads up on this little ditty before she did.

I went down the stairs and through the lobby where, big surprise, no one even noticed I was there and went to the kitchen where I found her making herself some coffee. She rolled her eye's at me and turned back to what she was doin'. I smiled, walkin' over to the counter and hoistin' myself up onto it.

"You see the freak show goin' on in the lobby?"

(( Open to Cordy and Xander...))
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So it begins..or something like that. [Thursday, February 10th, 2005 @ 6:56am]

[ mood | angry ]

It had been a long month! Angel had been busy helping a young girl that was somehow a slayer and with Faith coming to work here. I couldn't believe at first that all the charges were dropped, but getting to know her now she is actually not that bad. If we could get Angelina and Cait to come live here where they are safer that would help a lot.

I thought at first that I would miss Sunnydale when I moved here, but this place has grown on me. I feel like I am actually more home here, simply because I am more a part of the team than I was in sunnydale. I mean yeah they needed me, but they needed my hacking and research skills. Here I get to be me!

Today has been spent tracking down Angelina and trying yet again to get her to join us here, she again said no. She said that she was going to handle things on her own. That was till about 20 minutes ago. She walked in beat up and Cait also badly beaten and begged for our help. I dont know what happened, but I do know that when she saw her sister hurt she was more concerned with safety.

I know she has the whole slayer thing going for her, but she really needs to let others help her more. We quickly got Cait to a room where Lorne is taking care of her as she lays unconcious and Angelina is in talking with Angel telling him what happened. I didn't know where I was needed more so I went with the injured 12 yr old. I know that Angelina cares more about her than anything else.

Once Cait was bandaged and resting calmly I went down to see what Angel had found out. It turns out that the boyfriend that started this mess had tracked Angie down and beat her to a near pulp when Caitlen walked in on it all and he took his turn on her. I was angered by this and had to calm down. I had no power, but I found myself wishing I did.

I was actually considering calling on Anya at this moment in time. Well if she were still evil. I did get a great idea though. We needed someone with power that could fry this guy if he gave us too much trouble. So who do I call? I call good old electro girl, Gwen Raiden who ironically bore a striking resemblance to Angelina.

Once I had called her and convinced her we needed her help she came right over. I just waited for her reaction when she saw Angelina. I was just thankful that everyone was here, we were going to get this done and make this guy pay for what he had done.

[[open for all]]

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